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Wednesday, December 13 2017

More Destructive Scanning Working

Make a book holder like the Pinterest one or circular saw guy below. I used two pieces of wood with dowels connecting them. The wider(2") piece I glued the end of the dowels into and the thinner(1/2") free slides. The wider piece has a notch so I don't hit the clamp with the knife. I put them about a foot apart for large books and magazines. I use Irwin clamps to hold it together in a metal vise. I slice the spine if it is greater than 1" and use 25MM knife to make it more manageable. I secure it with out about 1/8 below the spine and proceed to slice through. Any larger and you will get a wavy spine. Pictures eventually will follow.

Book Vise

Can't get this to work even with a plywood blade.


Break-off Knife:

Wednesday, December 6 2017

Camera Mounts for Scanner

Got them the other day along with a flashlight I forgot about ordering. The bottom tassel does unscrew like I suspected and it does come with a cheap ball mount on top. They rotate to lock and are as beefy as I thought. Unfortunately, this week I'm a vegetable again so no work on anything.

Tuesday, December 5 2017

3d Printed Propeller

Monday, December 4 2017

Godless on Netflix

I'm not really into westerns, but my wife is. I wish the town had prepared for the bad guys. Dug potholes covered with hay, round logs, and removing every other plank on the deck and bridge. Use the planks for boarding up windows. Make sure there is only a single file path through town. Molotov cocktails for the black powder inept to hurl.

Sunday, December 3 2017

Big Ass Ovens

Friday, December 1 2017

Not Replacing $100 Rollers

Found that friction tape will stay around a roller, as long as it's orientated right, in my Panasonic KV-S1045C to prolong its life. Tried the silicon stuff last night and it seems to work better. It doesn't put skid marks on the page. Looks like I also need to wipe down the interior of my machine prior to using it that day, otherwise it doesn't find the top of the page for awhile. I need to plug it into a windows machine someday, to see what all the blinking lights mean.

Non-Destructive Scanner

I wanted something a little better than what's available at the hardware store to hold the cameras. Someone used focus arm from a overhead projector. When/if this arrives, I'll report back if it works.

This is the type I'm building:

Tuesday, November 28 2017


Requires a higher voltage than Nixie, 1750 volts DC.

Monday, November 20 2017

Pencil Sharpeners

Bought two sharpeners recently and found them to be great.

Tuesday, November 7 2017

Dusting Your Desk

Since drafting isn't a thing now and those brushes are now quite expensive. I found this bee keeping brush which seems to be what I wanted.

40cm Beekeeping Bee Brush Beekeeper Beehive Tool Horse Bristle Wooden Handle MA

Thursday, November 2 2017

Panasonic KV-S1045C High Speed Document Scanner

Got one off Ebay for $80 and it works great. I'm trying to digitize old documents and destructively digitize worthless books.

Friday, October 27 2017

RESOLVCONF ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since it won't read the base file anymore, even after service resolvconf restart. So it gets removed.

  1. Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)
  3. is the systemd-resolved stub resolver.
  4. run "systemd-resolve --status" to see details about the actual nameservers.

nameserver search

apt-get remove resolvconf Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages will be REMOVED:

 resolvconf ubuntu-minimal

0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 to remove and 2 not upgraded. After this operation, 225 kB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue? Y/n (Reading database ... 439077 files and directories currently installed.) Removing ubuntu-minimal (1.379) ... Removing resolvconf (1.79ubuntu4) ..


Saturday, October 21 2017


If you get 'Not Enough Data' in Ampache.

Try modifying your Mysqld Installation.

I had to add the following to this config file:/etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf.


Wednesday, October 18 2017

Fresnel Lens on Ebay

Was looking for a large Fresnel lens on the cheap and couldn't find it. So I settled on the small ones.

Next day in the right bar suggestions the one below appears. The secret for looking for Fresnel lens is not to use the word Fresnel.

Monday, October 16 2017

Heavy Beam Compass

Looks like a compass that wouldn't lift off very easily. I always mess-up circle drawing for projects.

"Foreasy Marking Center Finder Tool Woodworking Precision Marking Gauge Scribers"

Friday, October 6 2017


First not everything is documented and what is, changes frequently so examples won't work. I like to think of it in layers. There is basic spreadsheet functionality that you can do in cells, then there is basic what you manage through macros and that can manipulate cells and forms at a higher level.The MRI appears necessary to figure out what the object methods are this week. After installation, it will be under the tools->add-ons menu.

Saturday, September 30 2017

Soviet FOD Mitigation

Screens for main inlet and vents on the wings:

Thursday, September 28 2017

Suggestion for Christmas

Sunday, September 17 2017

JsTree with CSS Sprite Types as a Class

The key thing is the "!important" keyword to overload the CSS precedence.

Types Initialization:

                       'types' : { 
                           'FOLDER' : {
                               'icon' : 'folderIcon'
                           'ROOT' : {
                               'icon' : 'rootIcon'
                           'default' : {
                               'icon' : 'folderIcon'


               .rootIcon {
                   background-image: url(../_img/icon-grid-clr-16x16.jpg) !important;
                   background-position: -8px -16px !important;
               .folderIcon {
                   background-image: url(../_img/icon-grid-clr-16x16.jpg) !important;
                   background-position: -8px 0px !important;


               .on('load_node.jstree', function (e,data) {

Thursday, August 31 2017

Cheap Plastic Barrels in Oregon

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