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Tuesday, February 13 2018

Always Wanted to Know

Monday, February 12 2018

Flir Lenses Exist

Kept hearing people complaining about no zoom on Flir. About 19 minutes in Clive shows one.

Sunday, February 4 2018

Why Cops Shoot Charging Attackers


Full Video

Tueller Drill

Thursday, February 1 2018

Speaker Switching

Kept looking around and see the switchers I want, but I'd prefer to hack my own. This type of rotary switch looks to be the secret.

Wednesday, January 31 2018

Bonding on Ubuntu 17.04

This works as long as you use PCI not MAC's as it lists in the article. I forgot that bit and that delayed me.

Sunday, January 28 2018

Tear Free Meter

Looks good for the price, but I still want a B&K meter. The continuity sucks.

Friday, January 26 2018

Good Idea for Cabinet Lighting

Thursday, January 25 2018

Want Cheap HDMI to QAM

Looks like more people are making them, hopefully the price will come down. Once it hits $100 and still has a brand, I'm buying.



Good News is Analog on Any Channel is Cheap at $80:

Update 1/28/18 Composit to QAM $105:

Wednesday, January 24 2018

Polarity & Voltage Meter

Nice idea to avoid using probes. Hopefully, it doesn't suffer from all-in-one syndrome where the individual parts aren't the best.

Tuesday, January 23 2018


Didn't know you could buy them with holes in them already.


Monday, January 22 2018

Spinning Clocks

Now, spinning displays:

Sunday, January 21 2018

We Need a Real Life Dexter

Lots more potential serial killers out there:

Saturday, January 20 2018

San Jose Real Estate

I remember a story about flying home each night, being cheaper than living in the Bay Area. I guess there are air taxi's that would make such a feat even more economical.

Thursday, January 18 2018

King of Random Charged

Tuesday, January 16 2018

Funny Company Name

Sunday, January 14 2018

Flex Baskets

I love these things from the orange apron and stock-up whenever I go.

Saturday, January 13 2018

3d Printers

Building cases is one of the reasons I want a 3d printer.

From this page:

Friday, January 12 2018

Circ De Telescopic Loaders

Thursday, January 11 2018

Good Idea

I like this mat with numbered built-in trays to keep track of stuff. Don't know if I'll buy.

Wednesday, January 10 2018

Cheap Smart Phone Trading App

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