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Tuesday, August 23 2016

Hulu Has Gone Pay Only

Scrambling to find my shows on their parent web sites.

Monday, August 22 2016

UK Stores

Wondering why store owners are so helpless on Caught on Camera. Turns out it is the law:

Sunday, August 21 2016

Shop Lifting

I wonder if they made the counters weigh things like self check-outs, if it'd be easier to catch thieves. Maybe flicker if the weight decreases. That way they could review security footage daily looking for flickers and flag stuff easier.

Friday, August 19 2016

Wholesale Lots

Seriously, tempting. Buy something you want and sell the excess on Ebay.

Wednesday, August 17 2016

Decent Ear Buds on Ebay

While no guarantee, I have good luck with woven ear buds off Ebay. In fact, anything audio that is what I order. It ensures enough quality to satisfy a tight wad like me. I put a little liquid electrical tape around the wires at the speaker to help with durability.

then coat where the wires enter the ear bud in this:

Tuesday, August 16 2016

Stupid Spelling Aid

Strawberry Shortcake is a dessert.

There is sand in the desert.

Thursday, August 4 2016

Netflix Almost Forgiven

I like to have everything shoved into an RSS feed that I can pull from no matter where I am. Anyway, Netflix used to have that ability and then it went away after their upgrade. The links off Netflix USA didn't work unless you were logged in. Now, it is fixed for movies at least. Both of the following formats work just fine now. I prefer the one with title because I don't always want to watch what I click on. Now if they just fix the series links, that'd be great.

Tuesday, August 2 2016

Attic Fan Envy

Apparently, if the ceiling isn't sealed, then it just sucks cool air conditioned air into the attic. Always, thought it worked fine at my brother's place.

Monday, August 1 2016

SSD Drives

Saw an SSD being destroyed and it had 10F 2.5V caps in it. Turns out they retain data for 1 year.

Saturday, July 23 2016

Compressor Piping

Apparently, you can use PEX tubing instead of piping for air compressors.

Tuesday, July 19 2016

Die Hard Rail Roaders

Lay their own track. Saw a piece of non-plastic backed track and wondered where people get the stuff.

Thursday, July 7 2016

Best Wood Splitter I've Seen

Saturday, July 2 2016


A cheaper way to be a pilot, buy a plane to get your hours in.

Friday, July 1 2016

Raspberry PI

Had a great USB 720p camera that is compatible with my PI, but could only get 1 frame per five seconds out. So listening to Rossmann and he was rambling on about IP cameras, now I don't care about his level of quality that much as it is just for fun. But I'm going to look into the frame rate I can get. My goal is 1 frame per second without the god damn SD card going read only which only seems to happen in the car.

Thursday, June 30 2016

Ethernet Tab Alternative

Saw this on click bait and wanted the source:

Expensive Replacement:

Wednesday, June 29 2016

Older Shows/BBC

Trying to watch a lot of older stuff and it is just so slow, anyway found out it is possible to speed-up Hulu. I speed-up Youtube to 1.25 and even 1.50 for the really slow speakers already.

Chrome has something too. Chrome is my multimedia browser, while Firefox is my text browser, so it is a good fit.

Tuesday, June 28 2016

Birthday Gift

Definitely, going to drop hints this year.

Monday, June 27 2016

Reskinnable Tubular Car

Makes sense in that you don't have to have the exact car or worry about destroying it. I imagine it makes fantasy cars easier too, but takes the fun out of actually have it built. I wonder if it would make an Automan reboot possible. :-)

Friday, June 24 2016

Great Store

Thursday, June 23 2016

Gold Bugs Causing Tungsten Shortage

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